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Njord Gear Smart Watch US UK Buyers - Go Direct and Save!

**Please note this article is not for the Njord Gear website selling fishing accessories**

Njord Gear Smartwatches: A Deep Dive into Pricing Strategies for US & UK Consumers

In the bustling smartwatch market, Njord Gear has made a notable entry. Especially in the US and UK, their presence is growing. Yet, a closer look reveals intriguing pricing strategies across different platforms.

Njord Gear smartwatches are undeniably stylish and functional. They've captured the attention of tech enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals alike. However, where you choose to purchase these watches can significantly impact the price you pay.

Instagram and Facebook are powerful advertising platforms. Njord Gear has effectively utilized these channels to reach vast audiences in the US and UK. Their visually appealing ads showcase the watch's sleek design and features, enticing many to click and purchase.

However, savvy shoppers have noticed a discrepancy. While the prices on Instagram and Facebook ads might seem standard, a quick comparison with Aliexpress reveals a stark difference. The same Njord Gear smartwatches are available on Aliexpress at a fraction of the cost.

Why such a vast price difference? It's speculated that Njord Gear, like many brands, might source their products directly from platforms like Aliexpress. By marking up the price and selling it on their own website, they can achieve higher profit margins. This strategy isn't uncommon, but it's essential for consumers to be aware.

For US and UK buyers, this information is crucial. While the allure of purchasing directly from a social media ad is tempting, a bit of research can save significant money. Plus, buying from Aliexpress often comes with added buyer protection, ensuring product delivery and quality.

It's worth noting that while Aliexpress offers competitive prices, it's essential to check the seller's ratings and reviews.

Njord Gear smartwatches are a blend of style and technology. However, US and UK consumers should be aware of the varying prices across platforms. By doing a bit of research and comparing prices, you can get the best deal without compromising on quality.

Who are Njord Gear?

Njord Gear are a great example of an unethical dropshipping website targeting buyers in the US and other countries. They add no value to their customers. They use made up reviews and unsubstantiated claims such as 1/2 price save claims to entice customers to buy their product for at least twice the price they should be paying.

Njord Gear Smart Watch Indestructible

The Njord Gear Smart watch The Indestructible Smartwatch is actually just the LEMFO C20Pro Smart Watch available from Aliexpress. This is a good example of how they mislead customers. On their website they claim the watch is worth $199 and you can now buy it for just $89.99 saving $110 when in fact it is available direct from Aliexpress for under $30!

Njord Gear Industructible Ultra

The Njord Gear Watch is also just another watch available from Aliexpress. Advertised on their website for $129 claiming a saving of $120 you can buy this watch from Aliexpress direct for under $40.

How do they Operate

Simply put they find products on Aliexpress, record amazing videos and create fictitious 5 star reviews to entice people to buy. Further to this their website show photos of their team showing various roles which make their business look like a reputable company when in fact it isn’t. These roles are truly fictitious since the product is not designed by them and the logistics are handled by Aliexpress.

Evidence of this is clear when you do a Google search on the image of their so called founder Morgan Jr. You will find this image on Wallpaper Flare which is a photo stock website. The same goes for their so called Chief Operating Officer Anthony which is potentially worse given the image of this person is use don a Linkedin profile for another person. Click on one of the links below to validate this claim. You can also right click an image on the Njord Gear website and do a Google search.

Evidence that Chief Operating Officer Anthony is a fictitious person.

Evidence that Founder Morgan Jr. is a fictitious person.

Once the video is recorded it is then posted countless times on Instagram leading customers to their website. Unsuspecting customers order the product which is then ordered by Njord Gear from Aliexpress for half the price. Aliexpress then deliver the product to the customer.

Granted the products they find are typically of good quality however they are not designed or made by them as they sometimes claim. This form of business would be legit however without the made up five star reviews, save claims and otherwise. This business is misleading and truly unethical and represents one of the many motivations for creating this website.

But then again there is also no reason to believe us since it is easy to create your own website. So for honest reviews you can view them on Trustpilot, a stark contrast to the glowing product reviews seen on the Nijord Gear website.

Actual Reviews on Trustpilot

See these reviews by clicking on one of the links below:

Trustpilot reviews under njord-gear

Trustpilot reviews under njordoutdoors.com

If after reading this you still want to buy one on the products seen in their amazing looking product videos click on the product below. You will be taken to Aliexpress to buy direct. Here you will also find legitimate product reviews and more information. Your purchase will also be covered by the Aliexpress Buyer Protection Program.

Product Range

Njord Gear Smart Watch Indestructible
Njord Gear Smart Watch Indestructible

click here to buy
Njord Gear Smart Watch Mountaineer
Njord Gear Smart Watch Mountaineer

click here to buy
Njord Gear Smart Watch Indestructible Ultra
Njord Gear Smart Watch Indestructible Ultra

click here to buy

Why buy a Njord Gear Smart Watch from Aliexpress

Short answer is because the seller does and you can buy for at least half the price they advertised it for.

Furthermore you will also find honest reviews on Alexpress from people who have actually purchased the product. Also your order will be covered by the Aliexpess Buyer Protection Program. This means if for some reason you do not receive your order or you receive the wrong product you will be refunded in full.

Buy these smart watches direct & save from Aliexpress.

What can you do to Punish Uneffical Webstores?

If you want to punish websites with dodgy marketing you can. All you need to do is click on their ads as many times as you feel like. Upon each click they will get charged by Google, Instagram, or whatever platform they are advertising on. The same also goes for google search results if their website shows as sponsored.

By doing this, eventually these dodgy websites will go away. Potentially if enough people do this, then they may even lose money. Just like many of their customers have.

Some Actual Customer Reviews from Aliexpress

Below you will find some actual customer reviews for these products posted from Aliexpress customers. To see more reviews select one of the products above. As you can see actual reviews are typically short and to the point unlike the long winded exaggerated reviews found on resellers websites

5.0 out of 5 Stars Reviews

Quality is great!

Review by g***i

Everything as in the description, for the money really worth it and the protective film in the kit. I recommend 👍

review image 1-1 review image 1-2 review image 1-3 review image 1-4

Super gadget!

Review by M***i

In general, for such money is a super gadget all according to the description. I really recommend

Review image 2

Reviews 4 out of 5 stars

For price it is fine.

Review by AliExpress Shopper

It does not seem that it is as resistant as the description it will have to be tested if reliability, but for the price it is fine.

Review image 3

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