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Abargin Online | About Us | Campscape - West Hikers Mattress Pro Case Study

Abargin online is a re-marketing company. We re-market information on products avilable on Aliexpress which are sold online via Aliexpress.

We run various websites selling our products in New Zealand. We started Abargin after getting tired of seeing a vast amount of dropshipping websites started appearing on the internet.

How do Dropshipping Websites Work?

These dropshipping websites add no value to their customers. All they do is take the customers order and pass it onto Aliexpress or other dropping providers. The provider then delivers the stock direct to the dropshipping websites customer.

Often they will promise shipping times which are not realistic and display fictitious reviews. As well as this they will show save claims which are misleading based on standard retail prices which don't exist.

West Hikers Mattress Pro - Campscape Dropshipping Websites - Case Study

A good example of a questionable website is the West Hikers Mattress Pro website. The West Hikers Mattress Pro website has all the tell tale signs that they are dropshipping and can not be trusted. They advertise their product as a West Hikers Mattress Pro but in effect it is a Hitorhike mattresses purchased from Aliexpress

Once enough bad reviews and neagtive feedback is posted online and their webiste becomes dirty they create another website under a differnt name. The latest one for this example is campscape. The campscape website makes claims of a superior mattress backed with a 30 day money back gaurantee. All these claims can not be substantiated.

Below are some of the signs to watch out for when buying from a website like this one

West Hikers Mattress Pro Reviews - Probably Fake?

west hikers mattress pro reviews

Actual Reviews of HitorHike Mattress on Aliexpress

As you can see the difference between actual reviews and questionable reviews is clear. Questionable reviews sell the product like a salesperson while actual reviews just give feedback.

campscape hitorhike mattress reviews

West Hikers Mattress Pro Product Offer

hitorhike mattress reviews

HitorHike Mattress Aliexpress Offer

As you can clearly see when comparing the Aliexpress price with the West Hikers Mattress Pro price the West Hikers price is almost double. Not the 50% off they claim to be saving their customers. You can also clearly see the mattress is the same! The same applies to the recently advertised Campscape mattress.

campscape mattress reviews

Why is Abargin Different?

We take you direct to buy from Aliexpress. Aliexpress is the most popular supplier to these dropshipping websites. Information and pricing is taken direct from Aliexpress as are the customer reviews. The reviews have been written by actual customers who have purchased the product. You pay the same price as the dropshipping stores!

Some Cautions When Buying from Aliexpress

Ignore the save claims, they are made up just like the dropshipping stores. Read the reviews both good and bad and look at the photos shown. Also look at the sellers overall feedback rating and take this into consideration.

Your purchase is protected by the Aliexpress Buyer Protection Program. If your order is not received before the protection period make a claim and you will be refunded. If you are approaching the end of your buyer protection period you will receive an email from Aliexpress gving you the heads up.

We have ordered thousands of lines from Aliexpress to sell via our NZ shops and so far have had no problems. We have had a couple of instances where stock didn't arrive however we made claims via the buyer protection program and recieved our money back.

Buying online can be risky. If somwething sounds too good to be true then it probably is. If you follow the above buying tips then buying from Aliexpress is safe and secure. You will find high quality products at amazing prices. Happy shopping from Abargin!

Where to Go to Buy The Campscrape | Westhikers Pro Mattress Direct

You can buy the Hitorhike Mattress Pro or Campscape direct from Aliexpress. Just click the following link and you will be taken to Aliexpress for checkout.

Buy Campscape Hitor Hike Westhikers Mattress Pro Direct

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