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3F UL Gear - Ultralight Hiking Gear Range

3F UL Gear is one of Asia's biggest suppliers of ultralight hiking gear. Their products are made from high quality materials and produced to the highest standards. Quality is in most cases comparable to, if not better than some of the more well known brands available in the market.

The range includes seriously lightweight tents and backpacks as well as a small range of hiking accessories. For more information and pricing click on one of their amazing products below to be taken to Aliexpress to buy at the best price available.

Lanshan 1 and 2 Dual Layer Pole-less Tents

3FUL Gear Lanshan tents are ultralight weight hiking tents which use hiking poles as the tents poles. Because of this you will need to either have hiking poles available or use an equivalent smooth object as the tents pole. The Lanshan1 will require one hiking pole and the Lanshan2 two hiking poles.

These tents are dual layer tents. Because of this you will have extra protection from insects plus can use the inner tent on it's own when the weather is good. Dual layer tents are also less prone to heavy condensation.


Lanshan 1 Ultralight Weight One Person Hiking Tent

The 3F UL Gear Lanshan 1 tent is a solid double-wall single person tent that is designed for ultralight trail missions. It requires one trekking pole or(not included) for set up.It has one door, one vestibule and one side triangular inner space for gear storage.

Because it is a pole-less tramping tent it doesn't weigh anywhere near as muchg as regulat poled tents. It weighs just 965 grams and packs down to a compact size of just 30 x 17 x 13cm.

It has a silicone/PU nylon fly with a 5000m m waterproof PU coating and a nylon bath tube floor with a 6000mm PU coating. It comes in two versions: 3-season and 4-season, with different inner materials.

The Lanshan 1 tent is one of the most popular ultralight tents from 3F UL Gear.

Lanshan 1 Ultralight Weight One Person Hiking Tent

Lanshan 2 Ultralight Weight Two Person Tramping Tent

The Lanshan 2 tent is a double-wall two person tent that is designed for ultralight camping. It requires two trekking poles for setting the tent up (not included). It has two doors, two vestibules and two large side spaces for gear storage making this tent supe spaciuos for 2 people. 

It weighs 1200 grams which when sharing pack weight between two people it makes it incrediably light. Just 600 grams fo pack weight per person.

Like the Lanshan1 It has a silicone/PU nylon fly with 5000mm waterproof PU coating and a PU nylon bath tube floor with 6000mm waterproof PU coating. It comes in two versions: 3 season and 4 season, with different inner materials.

The 3F UL Gear Lanshan2 tent is one of the most affordable, lightest and most spacious two person ultralight tents in the world.

Lanshan 2 Ultralight Weight Two Person Tramping Tent

Lanshan Pro Single Layer Ultralight Weight Tents

The pro series of Lanshan tents take things to the next level. They are super ultralight weight and can be put up quickly in the rain without getting wet on the inside.

Unlike the tents above, these tents are single layer tents. You will still have protection from insects however will potentially have a little more condensation build up overnight.


Lanshan 1 Pro One Person Pole-less Single Layer Tent

The 3F UL Gear Lanshan 1 Pro tent is a single-wall single person tent that is designed for experienced ultralight hikers. It requires one hiking pole (not incuded for set up. It has one door, one vestibule and one side triangular inner space for storing your gear. 

It weighs 860 grams including stakes and line ropes and packs down to one of the smallest sizes for a single person ultralight weight hiking tent.

It has a tear resistant 2000mm waterproof nylon fly with a 5000mm waterproof TPU nylon bath tube floor. There are two versions available: a 3 season and 4 season, each with different inner materials.

The 3FUL Gear Lanshan1 Pro tent is a hybrid shelter. It blends tarp and tent qualities into a simple, versatile super light weight shelter. This makes it one of the lightest ultralight one person tents available. Because the two layers are joined together you can pitch this amazing little tent while raining without getting the inside wet.

Lanshan 1 Pro One Person Pole-less Single Layer Tent

Lanshan 2 Pro Two Person Pole-less Single Layer Tent

The 3FUL Gear Lanshan 2 Pro is an ultralight tramping tent that weighs only 1040 grams and can accommodate two people. It is made of 20D tear resistant Silicon coated Nylon which is not only waterproof but durable.

It has two doors and two large side vestibules for gear storage. It requires two trekking poles for set up which are not included

The inner tent and fly are connected together, which makes it possible to put the tent up in the rain while keeping the interior dry. 

Like the other tents in this series It is available in three colors: green, grey and khaki. As well as having these color options there are also two seasons: a 3 season and 4 season with thicker material.

It is a popular choice for ultralight hikers who want a high-quality tent at an affordable price.

Lanshan 2 Pro Two Person Pole-less Single Layer Tent

3F UL Gear Ultralight Backpacks

Not only do 3F UL Gear make amazingly lightweight tents they also make super lightweight backpacks. This is possible doe to the absence of the traditional backpack frame. Instead they use a sleeping pad/mat as the backpacks frame (not included).

If you don't like using sleeping mats or are staying in a hut you can instead pack your packs contents to form an internal frame.

3F UL Backpack Frameless Style 40 plus 16 Litres

Sleeping Mat/Pad to Suit 3F UL Backpacks

If you are looking for a low cost alternative to the move expensive sleepng mats available then this is the way to go. It is available in 4 colours and usually gets delivered around the same time as the backpack when ordering via Aliexpess.

It can be used on it's own or underneath an inflatable mattress for extra insulation when sleeping in colder climates.

Sleeping Mat/Pad for 3F UL Gear 56L Frameless Backpack

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